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Written by Felicia Gopi

Social media was ablaze on Tuesday May 2, 2023 - the day after the coveted Met Gala, where Social Media Manager, Sarita Nauth graced the red carpet to cover the event. For Indo-Caribbean, and Caribbean folks at large, this was monumental. I did not know Sarita, when her photo came across my feed, nor had I heard of her but at that moment, I was cheering for her. 

“I started off in media and entertainment almost a decade ago, I had gone through several internships that focused on photography, art, media…but in high school I primarily focused on fashion design.” Sarita has had a lengthy career in social media and production and she describes to me that it all started with her interest in fashion and “passion for chasing celebrities around New York City”. She explained that she didn’t see anyone who looked like her working in the media and as a young Indo-Caribbean girl, it made her want to pursue her dreams that much more. ...Read More

Written by Felicia Gopi

Colourism is hardly a new concept that people of colour have had to face from those within and outside of our communities. Aside from the social implications that come from ignorant remarks and the inherent ways in which folks with darker skin tones are discriminated against in their daily lives, there also exists a system of capitalism that profits off of our man-made insecurities with regards to the colour of our skin.

Skincare products boast a number of different benefits that can help us improve our confidence and make us feel more beautiful and comfortable in our own skin. Among those “benefits”, there still exists a number of products from a host of suppliers, ranging from independent brands all the way up to luxury beauty houses that we’re all quite familiar with, that offer to whiten the colour of our skin. ...Read More

Written by Felicia Gopi

When I’m picking an outfit out (that isn’t sweats) I often go through a series of criteria before making a choice. Is it something I like? How does it suit the occasion? Is it trendy or is it classic? Is the fit flattering? And also, is the colour flattering?


That last one has been on my mind for a while now that colour theory seems to be a trending topic on social media. It’s not uncommon for folks across many skin tones to consider what colour garments compliment them best; but I do wonder if there are other POC out there that feel like they’ve limited themselves from exploring certain colours because of their skin tone...Read More

Written by Felicia Gopi

Trying out new beauty trends can be fun and exciting, especially in the TikTok and Instagram Reels era where it seems like a new trend pops up before I can even master the one from the day before. TikTok hacks can speed up your glam time dramatically, and sometimes, they can leave you with a bit of a mess to clean up. Nevertheless, I love trying out new beauty trends, but I’m often left wondering, “are these really brown girl friendly?” I’m looking at you vanilla girls. ...Read More


Is Hot Pink Here to Stay?

(via Business of Fashion)

Lovers of pink rejoice! Designers are flooding the runways with head-to-toe Barbiecore pink and I for one, could not be more thrilled. Maximalism is on the comeback and that's enough to sway me to even make pink my new holiday colour. 

To see one of my most favourite Barbiecore looks, check out my Bravocon Lookbook. If you're like me and are feeling adventurous, dive into the pink waters and go bold this holiday season in your hottest pink fit. I'll be posting mine in my upcoming holiday lookbook as well. 

To hear the experts weigh in on the hot pink takeover, check out this great piece from Business of Fashion.

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