Take a look inside of our special 12th edition of Story for some holiday shopping inspiration courtesy of some amazing Indo-Caribbean small businesses.

You'll also find a very special letter from the editor, one you won't want to miss.

Mohammed Ramzan sat down with Rebecca Dass who had the distinct honour of capturing some of the intricate stories of his life. At 80 years young, Ramzan is someone who is in the perfect position to share with us his real-life account of the evolution of his life. 

Our October issue is a unique milestone for our Story team. It's the first issue we've been able to put together entirely made up of new authors outside of our organization, and they all happen to be incredibly successful women! As we release these articles we hope they make you reflect on our position in our respective communities, workplaces, families and relationships.

Professional excellence can take many forms across every community and in our September issue we examine what that looks like for us as Indo-Caribbeans. We start by celebrating Chris K. Manohar and Renico E. Lafond on their achievements in the horse racing industry including a historic appearance at the King's Plate last month.

We present to you an issue of celebration. This August celebrate the legacy of the Saldenah family, media extraordinaire Sarita Nauth, the meaning of Carnival and sharing it with our children and a top to bottom inside look at the entire festival.

For the July issue of Story we uncovered a lot of learning focused around the emerging generations before us. In our cover story Felicia interviews Pandit Toshan Persaud. He is the Spiritual Leader at the Gayatri Mandir in Etobicoke. His take on religion and practical approach to learning is refreshing to say the least. We hope you read the interview and walk away feeling inspired and moved.

June is Pride Month and we are happy to share with you our cover for Volume 6 of Story. This issue features stories of folks from across our diaspora who have found meaningful and intentional ways of connecting to culture despite the various barriers they all may face.

We are thrilled to share with you a preview of our upcoming fifth volume of Story this May. It is a captivating issue that marks the commeoration of Indian arrival month.

In our fourth volume of Story you'll find our cover story "Denyse Thomasos: A Driving Force for Caribbean Art" highlighting the incredible works of the late Denyse Thomasos, reviewed by Tricia Gopi.

This is a very special edition of Story, because we had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Benni of Bravo’s hit series, Family Karma.

Click to access the entire February issue led by Djamil Ninsoo. Djamil is a published author of "Eva, My NaniJi", available on Amazon.

Allow me to introduce you to 'Story'. Created to share the stories of our fellow Indo-Caribbeans, Story is an online publication by the Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association. 

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Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association

An exciting opportunity for Felicia to use her experience in media, marketing, retail and advertising to partner with and grow the emerging non-profit dedicated to connecting, uplifting and amplifying the Indo-Caribbean community in Canada.

She is the editor-in-chief of the newest online publication in the Indo-Caribbean community, Story. Launched this January 2023, Story uncovers the colourful lives of Indo-Caribbeans. To read the latest issue and subscribe, click here.

Request access to watch as Felicia and co-creator Simon Lysnes interview Canada's first Drag Superstar: Priyanka.

Priyanka opened up to us for Pride Month to talk about everything from Canada's Drag Race to family dynamics and intersectionality within the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.

To request access please email: feliciagopi@gmail.com